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About us

The LAGs, or Local Action Groups, were created by the European Community to promote the economic and social regeneration of rural areas. In Piedmont there are 14 LAGs.

By channeling European, state and regional funds, the Tradizione delle Terre Occitane (Tradition of Occitan Lands) LAG promotes an integrated and sustainable development of the territory through the issuing of calls for funding proposals and the implementation of its own projects shared with the territory.

What do we do

The LAG Tradizione delle Terre Occitane, which has been operating since 2002, covers the Stura, Grana, Maira, Varaita, Po, Bronda and Infernotto Valleys, in an area characterised by a strong bond with Occitan tradition, language and culture.

Thanks to CLLD LEADER resources and under the control of the Piedmont Region, the LAG develops its own multi-annual Local Development Strategy (LDS), based on a bottom-up approach to best meet the needs of the territory.

The LDS ‘guides’ the activities of the LAG and is implemented through the issuance of calls for funding proposals to support, with grants, businesses and public institutions carrying out projects in the agricultural, craft and tourism sectors, services for local communities and interventions for the enhancement of heritage and environment.

Currently, the initiatives supported through the 2014 – 2022 Development Plan (ending in June 2025) are being completed and the new 2023 – 2027 LDS is being launched.

With the new LDS, the LAG also promotes actions aimed at supporting communities in the definition and implementation of supply chain projects, capable of enhancing the biodiversity of the territory, and of Smart Villages. The Local Action Group participates in territorial cooperation initiatives, with other Italian and international LAGs, to enrich its expertise and operational skills.

LDS 2023-2027

“Far from the margins: communities at the centre”

Calls for funding proposals

Funding proposals to private individuals, businesses and local public bodies

LAG’s own projects

to raise awareness and promote the territory and its activities

Who we are

Our LAG is a, that is, a limited liability consortium company, with mixed public-private participation.

It currently brings together 32 members representing the territory, including: Unioni montane (Associations of mountain municipalities), individual municipalities, Cuneo Chamber of Commerce, trade associations of agriculture, crafts, tourism and commerce, banking institutions.

Public institutions members of the LAG
  • Unione Montana Valle Stura
  • Unione Montana Valle Grana
  • Unione Mont ana Valle Maira
  • Unione Montana Valle Varaita
  • Unione Montana dei Comuni del Monviso
  • C.I.A.A. Cuneo
  • Comune di Bagnolo Piemonte
  • Comune di Barge
  • Comune di Borgo San Dalmazzo
  • Comune di Busca
  • Comune di Casteldelfino
  • Comune di Crissolo
  • Comune di Envie
  • Comune di Martiniana Po
  • Comune di Oncino
  • Comune di Revello
  • Comune di Rifreddo
  • Comune di Verzuolo
  • Comune di Saluzzo
  • Comune di Manta
Private partners members of the LAG
  • Federazione Provinciale Coldiretti Cuneo
  • Confartigianato – Associazione artigiani della Provincia di Cuneo
  • Associazione commercianti ed esercenti di Saluzzo
  • Associazione commercianti di Cuneo
  • Confcooperative Unione Territoriale Asti-Alessandria-Cuneo
  • Confederazione italiana agricoltori
  • Unione Provinciale Agricoltori
  • Lega cooperative
  • Chambra Economica Europenca des Pais d’Oc
  • CN A (Confederazione Nazionale dell’artigianato e della piccola e media impresa)
  • BPER Banca
  • Banca di Caraglio del cuneese e della Riviera dei fiori Credito cooperativo
Board of directors
  • Aurelio Blesio, Presidente
  • Giorgio Verutti, Vicepresidente
  • Sara Ferrero, Consigliere
  • Sandra Arneodo, Consigliere
  • Rinaudo Danilo, Consigliere
Employees and co-workers
  • Maria Pianezzola, Direttore Tecnico
  • Patrizia Abello, Responsabile Amministrativo e Finanziario
  • Evelina Omento, Addetta al controllo
  • Giuditta Gentile, Addetta alla comunicazione