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The Tradizione delle Terre Occitane LAG operates in South-western Piedmont and includes the

Valli Stura Grana Maira Varaita Po, Bronda e Infernotto

Valleys. Currently it comprises 64 municipalities, including the mountain part of Saluzzo, with a total resident population of 125,637 inhabitants.


Stura Valley

Stura Valley

Over 60 km long, the Stura Valley is nestled among high rocky peaks and crossed by the homonymous river that separates the Maritime Alps from the Cottian ones. At its head is the Maddalena col, an important road pass between Italy and France.

Thanks to its climate and geographical position, it boasts an exceptional plant and animal biodiversity. In its territory there are two parks: the Alpi Marittime Natural Park and the Gesso and Stura River Park.

In addition to the imposing Albertine Fort in Vinadio and the Shrine of Saint Anna, the highest in Europe, the valley offers tourists an environment rich in history, tradition and culture waiting to be discovered!

Grana Valley

Grana Valley

The Grana Valley features a variety of environments and landscapes, ranging from the flat valley floor, perfect for fruit growing, to the narrow gorges of the stream, up to the vast pastures surrounding the majestic Shrine of Saint Magno.

The territory has preserved a rich architectural and landscape heritage and offers numerous typical products: from Caraglio garlic to ancient varieties of apples and pears, from saffron to the renowned PDO Castelmagno cheese.

For lovers of outdoor activities, the Grana Valley offers interesting opportunities for cycling, hiking, horse riding, ski mountaineering, ice skating and climbing.

Maira Valley

Maira Valley

One of the wildest and most unspoilt in the Province of Cuneo, the Maira Valley stretches out in a succession of deep canyons and little clearings with pastures and lush woods.

Breathtaking views are the background to a rich artistic and architectural heritage, including archaeological sites, medieval churches and stone villages, so that the Maira Valley immediately conquers with its beauty.

The wide range of tourist accommodation and outdoor activities make it an authentic paradise for all those who love hiking and outdoor activities in every season.

Varaita Valley

Varaita Valley

The Varaita Valley extends from the meadows of the valley floor, to the forests and pastures at high altitude, up to the snow-capped peaks. Noteworthy is the Agnello col (2,748 m), the third highest road pass in Europe. The so-called “emerald” valley shines in the thousand shades of green of its lush vegetation, offering breathtaking landscapes dominated by the majestic Monviso.

Agriculture and forestry are pillars of the economy, with quality products such as apricots and local wines. The valley, easy accessible, is undoubtedly a paradise for lovers of outdoor tourism, who can practice hiking, cycling, climbing and winter sports.

Local museums enhance the historical and artistic heritage of the valley, paying particular attention to the Occitan musical and instrumental tradition.

Po, Bronda, Infernotto Valleys

Po, Bronda, Infernotto Valleys

The Po, Bronda and Infernotto Valleys are the northernmost in the province of Cuneo and extend along three main axes.

Dominated by Monviso, the Po Valley features a landscape rich in an ancient heritage, including rock carvings and monasteries. The Bronda Valley is short and characterized by high hills, whereas the Infernotto Valley is directly connected with the Waldensian Valleys in the Province of Turin. The main economic activities include woodworking, agriculture and tourism, with excursions in the area of Monviso, cycling, climbing and winter sports.

Local specialties include apples from the Bronda Valley and the Colline Saluzzesi wine. Ethnographic and naturalistic museums enrich the cultural offer.


Gesso e Stura river park

Gesso e Stura river park

With its 5,500 hectares of mountains and plains, it offers a semi-natural environment perfect for sports, leisure and various cultural and educational activities, in direct contact with the LAG municipalities of the lower Stura Valley and the city of Cuneo. An ideal place to regenerate and make new discoveries.

Alpi Marittime park

Alpi Marittime park

Its vast territory also includes part of the Stura Valley with Aisone Caves and the Ciciu del Villar Reserve in the Maira Valley, as well as numerous protected areas falling within the Natura 2000 network. This nature reserve is home to hundreds of animal and plant species, including many endemics.

Monviso park

Monviso park

Dominated by the Monviso massif (3,841 m), the Park extends for 9,154 hectares between the Po and Varaita Valleys. The large territory encompasses a variety of landscapes and natural environments, from the Po River sources to the Alevé Forest, the largest Swiss pine wood in the Western Alps.

Other local projects

The Tradizione delle Terre Occitane LAG, in implementing its development strategy, has always paid attention to the other projects in the area, seeking integration and complementarity for the benefit of public institutions and businesses. There are numerous public initiatives currently being completed or being launched, with reference to the new programming of European funds.
PITER Terres Monviso

Supported by the ALCOTRA 2014-2020 programme, it will continue with the new 2021-2027 operational framework and it will involve, on the Italian side, the entire territory of the LAG through initiatives for the management of risks related to climate change, social projects in favour in particular of young people living in the valleys, activities focused on sustainable tourism and local culture.

Visitors’ Centres

They are seven and are located at the mouth of the six valleys of the LAG and in Saluzzo. Created thanks to the PITER Terres Monviso, they are tourist offices managed by young people, where you can find information, products and services to discover the territory.


It is the synthesis of two ALCOTRA 2014-2020 projects now concluded, which implements the offer for family-friendly outdoor tourism on the Italian and French sides.

Green Community

here are two areas in our territory that are operating thanks to the support of the RRF, the Green Community of Monviso, one of the first pilot experiences at Italian level, which affects the Po, Bronda and Infernotto and the Varaita Valleys, and MARGREEN, which involves the Stura Valley together with two other valleys outside the LAG. The Piedmont Region recently financed a third Green Community, concerning the Maira and Grana Valleys.

Inner Area Maira and Grana Valleys

Within the SNAI (National Strategy for Inner Areas), the Inner Area headed by the Unioni montane (Associations of mountain municipalities) of the Maira and Grana Valleys has been operating for some years, supported by European funds (ERDF, ESF, EAFRD) and national resources.

Service shops

There are 29 new or upgraded businesses funded through the Regional Call for proposals that combine the sale of food and primary goods with the offer of services to citizens and tourists.